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For the past couple of years, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business…

and it seems to others that you have it all figured out.  People tell you all the time how much they admire you for building such a successful business and creating a life on your terms.  Little do they know you’re feeling so uncomfortable with their admiration because it’s not what you’re actually experiencing.

At this point in your business, you really thought you’d be a lot further along by now.

Unpredictable profits and constant overwhelm has drained your excitement almost completely for your business. You’re seriously questioning your ability to create the kind of successful business you desire without having to sacrifice your relationships, health, and well being.

You know, I’ve experienced this myself a couple of years back.  This is what I’ve learned:

Going through a rough patch in your business doesn’t mean anything negative about you.

What you’re experiencing right now is temporary.

There is another way.

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Hi there, I’m Christina

Christina Edmunds Leadership Coach


Business Coach.

You want to experience consistent $20K months and beyond doing work that fires you up on a soul level with clients you love whilst enjoying your life.  

Deep down you know what you desire to create is possible.  You know you’ve been spinning your wheels and need support on how to make all of this happen without burning yourself out.  

This is where I come in, guiding you to take your service-based business from feast & famine to creating consistent $20k months and scaling beyond whilst enjoying your life and feeling like your vibrant self again.


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Note: not your average discovery call, this is the gateway to unlocking your next level


Client Wins

Ashley St. Germain Professional Photographer

Ashley St. Germain

Professional Photographer

For the first time, I saw how far I’ve come over the years with my photography skills.  I’m fully confident in my pricing. 

This changed everything in my business.

Christina helped keep me focused and stay on track while I worked at home with my 2 kids, mainly solo. I had my biggest month to date and worked a lot less.

She really helped me see how I was approaching my business and viewing myself.  I tripled my business and actually took a lot more time off to enjoy life.

Digital Marketing Strategist

‘I have never felt more heard, more clarity, and more SAFE than with Christina on our coaching calls.’

Lauren  had been procrastinating on a big project for months.  It was causing her a lot of overwhelm and frustration, to the point where she wasn’t sure if she wanted to follow through anymore.

Once we pinpointed her main blocks, Lauren was able to make massive progress on her project.

‘Christina helped give me a different perspective.  I was able to focus in on what I needed to do and stop the perfectionism that was holding me back.  I know see myself as the expert my clients are looking for and I’m so excited for them to experience this project I’ve created for them!’

Lauren Aiello Digital Marketing Strategist

Lauren Aiello

Schedule your breakthrough session now.

Let’s get you back on track.

Note: not your average discovery call, this is the gateway to unlocking your next level

Up level

Client Wins

Months of famine to fully stepping into her power

Within a couple of weeks of coaching inside my 1:1 program, I guided my client to shift the way she was viewing herself and her business.

This alone has completely changed the trajectory of her life & business.

She started showing up as a CEO, being more mindful of the energy she brings to her actions and how she asserts her authority while leading her community.

Now, she serves powerfully on her sales calls. This is allowing her to close high-ticket with confidence because she is clearly communicating and owning the value of her service.

For me, it’s about the women my clients are becoming that fires me up the most!

Christina Edmunds Business Coach For Service Based Online Entrepreneur

High-ticket with confidence

Heather MacMillan Sourdough Bread Baker

Heather MacMillan

sourdough Bread baker | Heather’s Hearth

‘For the first time in my 7+ years of entrepreneurship, I successfully went on vacation and didn’t stress all week about my upcoming workshops.’

I’m not sure how to thank Christina for the past several weeks. She put the seed in my mind about creating an online course when we first met before the Mastermind and from there have helped me realize my own potential and helped me through so much fear and roadblocks!

Christina helped me realize that I have so much to offer the world without making trade-offs. I know I wouldn’t have propelled myself forward so quickly without the constant support she provided. I’m so excited about what’s coming up now!

You are worthy of making more money in your business whilst enjoying your life.

Schedule your breakthrough session now.

Note: not your average discovery call, this is the gateway to unlocking your next level


Christina Edmunds Leadership Coach

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