Hi, I’m Christina.

My family and I live out in the country and I’m known for making some pretty bold moves in my life.

I guide highly-ambitious female entrepreneurs, like you, on discovering what really fires you up on a soul level.  

Taking my clients from overwhelmed & exhausted to feeling like their vibrant selves again whilst making more money.

You can have both.

I’m here to provide guidance and support you on your journey.

You might be surprised to learn it took me awhile to get here…

I went from being so unexplainably stuck in my business growth for such a long time to doubling my monthly income in just a couple of months.


I had put so much effort and energy into scaling my business. Despite all of this, the needle barely budged.

Does this sound familiar to you?  I thought you’d be able to relate.

Seeing other entrepreneurs making huge strides in their business left me feeling inadequate.

Was I working hard enough?

It had been several years since I walked away, from a high paying management position in the corporate world.  Craving balance and meaningful work I boldly left the safety of my position to create the life I was envisioning. I pictured being so much further ahead.

Entrepreneurship was a shining beacon promising time & financial freedom. Space where I could really make a difference.

After establishing my business I found myself stuck. My business had plateaued for a good while. Nothing I did seemed to help.

I was working so much and experiencing a ton of stress.

There seemed to be something deeper going on that I couldn’t put my finger on when it came to scaling my business.

After another set back that really took a personal toll on me, I reached out for help.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a step-by-step process but I had to figure out what was really holding me back.

Results definitely were not immediate.  Turns out that’s not what I really needed at that moment.  Although I didn’t realize it right away I had established my business to a point where I could step away enough to do the deep soul searching I needed.

That gut feeling I had when I was out of alignment in my corporate position…  I had fallen out of touch with my intuition and unintentionally closed myself off.

Although I wasn’t quite sure where it would lead me, I felt a deep need to listen & trust in following my intuition again.  I felt a need to put myself out into the world in a way that both terrified me and left me with a deeper sense that this was the way to finding my purpose & true alignment.

It fascinates me how everything suddenly becomes clearer when you turn into your deeper purpose by following your intuition.

Even though I was still on this journey of self-discovery people started reaching out to me for help with their business after hearing or reading something that I had shared.

I was surprised when I realized my business was growing again with what felt like little effort.  My monthly income had doubled and I was working a lot less. My world opened up to deeply meaningful work that I absolutely love.

When you’re fired upon a soul level about what you do you become magnetic.



You’re here for a reason.

Together we’ll discover what really fires you up. I’ll guide you as you align into deeply meaningful work you’re incredibly passionate about, fully transforming your life & business.

Imagine creating a life & business you’re fully aligned with whilst making the impact you desire to make in the world.

Stepping out of hustle mode and into perpetual magnetic growth. Experiencing the life you’re here to create.

This is possible for you because I’ve lived it personally & my clients are experiencing similar results.

Let’s get started

Learn how we can work together.

The Perpetually Empowered Woman

The podcast for established female entrepreneurs and courageously ambitious women.

This is the place where you can learn how to live your life without compromise while scaling your business massively.

Trusting your gut, leaning into fear, making pivots, critical mindset shifts, cultivating abundance, living joyfully.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded ambitious women.

You are living your life without compromise.


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