Subtle signs you may be out of alignment

with your souls purpose in your business

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Stuck in your business and can’t put your finger on why?

The amazing thing about discovering you’re out of alignment is the journey back to who you really are.

Inside this coaching guide, I will help you uncover answers to some looming feelings you’ve been having about your business and the path you’re on.

Here is what we’ll dig into:

  • Take an objective look at where you are right now and how this is serving & not serving you, in several different aspects of your life & business
  • 6 subtle signs you may be out of alignment with your souls purpose
  • Connecting you with your intuition to clarify what really needs adjusting and exploring further

Discover what’s really holding you back.

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Hi there,

I’m Christina Edmunds

Entrepreneurial Soul Coach.

I help high-achieving entrepreneurs, like you, live a life that really fires you up. You know, instead of always just dreaming about it.

Guiding my clients from overwhelmed & exhausted to feeling like their vibrant selves again whilst making more money.

You can have both.

I’m here to provide guidance and support you on your journey.

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