Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

Break through feast & famine to create consistent $20k months and scale far beyond whilst enjoying your life and feeling like your vibrant self again.

You can make more money in your business without burning out.

For the past 1-2 years, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business…

and it seems to others that you have it all figured out.  People tell you all the time how much they admire you for building such a successful business and creating a life on your terms.  Little do they know you’re feeling so uncomfortable with their admiration because it’s not what you’re actually experiencing.

To tell the truth, anyone who lands on your Instagram or FB profile would think you’re raking in a least $20K a month, but only you know the hard truth that you’ve been struggling to bring in clients consistently.  

Relying on selling one-offs and lower priced offerings has drained your excitement almost completely for your business.  You don’t even enjoy that work anymore but you feel like you have to keep doing it for quick cash to keep your business going.


Christina Edmunds Leadership Coach

You feel exhausted and very stressed out on a regular basis!  If your kid shouts ‘mummy’ one more time, you feel you’ll lose your shit and burn right out.

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You want to experience consistent $20K months and grow beyond doing work that fires you up on a soul level with clients you love whilst enjoying your life.  


Deep down you know what you desire to create is possible.  You know you’ve been spinning your wheels and need support on how to make all of this happen without burning yourself out.  


This is where I come in, guiding you to take your service-based business from feast & famine to creating consistent $20k months and scaling beyond whilst enjoying your life and feeling like your vibrant self again.

Introducing Elevate

12-week 1:1 exclusive coaching program 


In our 12-weeks together we will focus on:

1.  Evaluating where you are spending your energy, identifying and eliminating everything that is wasting your time – goodbye busy work.  You’ll focus only on activities that count, realigning your business to be highly profit-focused.  Freeing up your time to care for, and reconnect with yourself, spend quality time with loved ones, and experience adventure and joy in your life again.

2.  You’ll learn how to powerfully price your services in a way that respects the transformative results you guide your clients to achieve and encourages your clients to fully engage and commit to working with you.

3.  You will master how to position yourself as the expert throughout your marketing and present your offering to your potential clients with conviction and heart centred confidence.  Together, we’ll go over your marketing campaigns to make sure you’re speaking very clearly to your community to call in and connect with your future clients.

Lauren Aiello Digital Marketing Strategist
Christina Edmunds Business Coach For Service Based Online Entrepreneur

4.  You’ll master how to organically market your services effectively and efficiently so you always have consistent potential clients wanting to work with you.  You can kiss feast and famine cycles goodbye for good and be fully booked with a wait list.

5.  You’ll learn how to set and communicate clear boundaries around your availability and when you’re working and enjoying time off with your family.  You’ll master how to drop people pleasing tendencies without feeling guilty so you can show up powerfully to serve your community whilst enjoying your life again.

6.  You will bust through your mind drama and banish subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you.  With tools and mindset frameworks, you will learn how to effectively manage your mind so you can take clear aligned action to grow your business, reach and surpass your goals, and own who you are.

Support in Elevate includes:


  • Weekly 1:1 calls via zoom
  • Email and Trello communication in between sessions (Monday – Friday) to resolve any issues that arise during the week
  • Coaching guides and frameworks to support your mindset and business
  • Weekly goal oriented accountability to help you focus on your goals and take intentional action


Lauren Aiello Digital Marketing Strategist
To be eligible for Elevate, you must:
  • Served or are serving a handful of clients and have been in business for over a year
  • Committed to growing your business and taking action to serve and positively impact your community.  You strongly feel you’ve been called to create change in this world 
  • Be open to getting uncomfortable and approach things with an open mind
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